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Modern Roofing Styles in Queens, NY

Whether you’re thinking of updating your current home’s exterior or you’re in the process of building a house, going for a modern roofing style has many aesthetic and practical benefits.

If you’re looking for modern roofing style options, you might want to consider the following:

Flat Roof

Flat roofing is very minimalistic and are the most suitable option for modern homes. This style is also very cost-effective and uses the least material because of the way it is structured. Since it is flat, it is easier to add solar panels and green exteriors if you decide to alter the design later on. If you want to turn your flat roof into a green roof, make sure to check with your original roofing contractor if the roof can support the number of plants you want installed.

However, if you are going for a flat roof, you have to pay close attention to waterproofing. Make sure you get superior waterproofing, as flat roofing don’t have the angled advantage of conventional roofing options. As such, water can end up gathering and seeping through if there is not adequate drainage available.

Shed Roof

A shed roof features one single slope and a generally flat surface without gables or ridges. Minimalism is the primary aesthetic feature of a shed roof. A shed roof offers more usable space on one side because of how it is sloped.

Shed roofs are not only cheaper to construct but since it is attached to the main house, additional space is left for a patio or porch to be added. Due to its structure, it is also easier to add solar panels and skylights on shed exteriors. Since it is very easy to construct, it is a suitable option for amateur DIY (do it yourself) roofers.

Bonnet Roof

The bonnet roof style is characterized by double slopes on all sides of the roof. It is a modified version of the hip roof.

One of the major advantages of the bonnet roofing style is that it offers additional shade for your home’s outdoor area. Since bonnet roofs are often extended, many houses that use this roofing style add a surrounding porch to the house for additional space.

Bonnet roofing also offers safety advantages in areas that often experience hurricanes because of the way they are structured. They are less likely to be blown away compared to conventional roofing options like gable exteriors. On the southern coast of Queens and Long Island this can certainly be a good option for a homeowner.

Add-Ons to Modern Roofing

Modern homes are characterized by minimalist designs and very open spaces. They also tend to have more windows to let natural light in and lessen a household’s energy consumption. Green or Eco-Friendly roofers often use this type of exterior.

Flat roofs and shed roofs are suitable options for modern homes because of their simplistic design and because they are relatively easy to modify.

To take advantage of the flat surface of flat exteriors and shed exteriors, you can add skylights for extra lighting. Just choose windows that are made from double-glazed glass so you can benefit from their insulating properties. You can also add solar panels on these exteriors to lessen your household’s carbon footprint.

Compared to traditional roofing options, these modern roofing styles are relatively cheaper because of their simple structure. However, when choosing a roofing contractor for modern exteriors make sure to emphasize the importance of waterproofing.

For more information contact: Goldenberg Roofing Queens NY 75-25 141st Place Flushing, NY 11367 (718) 407-1174 schedule a meeting and customize the exterior of your dreams- flat or sloped.

Leak & Roof Repair Expectations

Contractors are individuals or businesses whose main responsibility is overseeing and managing the progress of building projects. They take care of all the vendor purchases, communication, and labor necessary to finish a job. Roofers have to assess each project by visiting and inspecting the work site. As soon as they are finished with their assessment, their providers will prepare a cost estimate and give out what materials and services will need to be delivered.

The usual documents that are given to an owner usually include general terms, special conditions, design specifications, and the expense budget. Owners are free to review theses documents and request revisions like adding additional terms. Once all the details are set and finalized, a written contract with all the agreed upon information will be prepared. It is the contractor’s duty to provide the equipment, services, material, and labor needed to complete the project.

When trying to find one of the best roofing contractors in town to take care of your exterior project, there are certain qualities you should keep an eye out for. It will be the roofer’s responsibility to provide good quality service and to make sure the job is done right. Here are some examples of the duties of a roofer:

  • Securing building permits

  • Securing the job site

  • Provide temporary utilities

  • Correspond with vendors

  • Buy materials

  • Oversee labor

  • Give surveying and engineering services

  • Dispose of waste

  • Maintaining records

  • Managing cash flow

The license requirements will depend on what state the job site is in but most contractors start their career as construction workers. Majority of employers gravitate towards people with a bachelor’s degree but several years of experience can also qualify someone to be a contractor. Experience in areas like masonry, carpentry, or framing is quite valuable in this line of work. People can build up management skills along the way to start their own business.

Commercial roofers focus on designing and building roofs for all kinds of buildings. The services usually focus on inspections, maintenance, and installation of new materials that will protect the building from typical weather.

Most experience and competent roofers are usually part of contracting associations within the immediate area of their business. You can also find technical advice and industry information relating to professionals provided by the National Roofing Contractors Association or NRCA.

The NRCA has been around since 1886 and one of its purposes is to assist owners with making decisions concerning the replacement or maintenance of roofing systems. There are several other associations similar to the NRCA all around the country and they can used for learning more about certain roofers before hiring them.

It is definitely in the best interests of owners to do their research before hiring any contractor for installations or repairs. You can ask reviews from friends and family or even nearby businesses to see if they have experience with any roofers. You can also tell a lot about the work a roofer can provide based on their demeanor when you first get an estimate from them. It is up to you to make sure you hire an experienced roofer and avoid problems so make sure you ask a lot of questions. Make sure that you hire a professional that is properly licensed, insured, experienced, within budget, and can do the work within your given deadline. For more information contact: